Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Random Things...

So... I think I might be the last one to do this, but here are 25 Random Things about me.

  1. I am a classic bibliophile; I love books and rarely go anywhere without whatever I am reading. This has become such a habit that my friends have taken to referring to whoever the "hero" is of whatever book I'm reading as my boyfriend. I am a serious bookstore addict, but (ironically) don't really like libraries...
  2. I have to straighten my hair everyday. My hair is naturally so curly that I often have to run the straightener over it after I take a nap.
  3. Music is a HUGE part of my life, and the music that I am listening to is often a great indicator of my current mood. It is not uncommon for my play list to include any combination of soundtracks, classical, and a little Rammstein.
  4. I cannot study or read while listening to music, especially not classical music. I pay too much attention to the small parts in the music and wind up not being able to focus on whatever else I'm doing. Going to a classical concert with me is also an experience... I find it difficult to shut up after it's over.
  5. I loved majoring in English and am so thankful for the skills that I learned while earning my degree. However, sometimes I wonder if I should have gone to hair school or majored in something like floral design or physical science.
  6. I firmly believe that laughing can help you solve any problem you face. I occasionally find myself in moods where I am slap happy, laughing for 45 minutes - non-stop. This is most common when one or both of my sisters is around. It's a great work out. :0)
  7. When I can't sleep at night, I can't count sheep. That equates to too much thinking and would keep me awake. Sometimes I recite different things I have memorized... but if that don't work I try to imagine a white board with nothing on it. This blank white box appears in my head and the longer I can keep it there, the faster I fade.
  8. The contents of my purse include the book I'm reading, a notepad, my wallet, my checkbook, a first aid kit, lotion, peppermint oil, my camera, my phone, my keys, a plastic bag with all my coupons, a calendar, my bank account ledger... I've learned that I could never go back to a small purse. It just wouldn't work.
  9. I have several weird eating habits (see #s 9-14). I will eat things cold that most people wouldn't even consider cold. I really like to pop open a can of chicken broth and pour it into a mug. It's actually pretty good. I also like cold chili with Frito's. (Everything is better with Frito's. "Everything" is subject to ratification, but the latest greatest is Frito's and cottage cheese. You should try it before you mock it!)
  10. I eat ice cream in a glass and usually add a little milk to it. (Everything is better with milk.)
  11. I will also warm things up that some people wouldn't think about warming up. I will warm up cookies so that they're nice and toasty with melty chocolate. I will let my yogurt warm up to room temperature before I eat it. I also love scalding milk - no additives like chocolate or sugar.
  12. I love Mexican food. While this has not been tested, I think I could eat it every day and still enjoy it.
  13. I firmly believe that food tastes better when eaten outdoors. That's why picnic food, bonfire food, camping food, and dutch oven food all taste so dang good.
  14. I always wanted horses growing up. I love being around most animals, but horses exemplify so many things that I wish I had... like a unicorn... or even better - Pegasus.
  15. I love to drive. My mom calls it "going crazy", but there are times when I will get in my car and just go wherever the road takes me.
  16. If I could be classified as allergic to anything, the list would include mold, tomatoes, and blueberries. I really am allergic to mold; tomatoes upset my stomach to the point of serious pain; I am "mentally" allergic to blueberries (they are the only thing that I am passionate about disliking).
  17. I love taking pictures of things... basically anything really. Pictures are memories locked into an image, and that fascinates me.
  18. I was a die-hard PC fan until about 6 months ago when I got a Mac Book for work. I am not a die-hard Mac fan... And I think that makers of PCs are biased and should make more efforts to increase compatibility. Apple has already done this... All Macs can read anything from a PC. I've determined that PC believers are actually a bunch of elitists. So who's biased now? ;0)
  19. My favorite color just recently migrated from blue to black. I've determined that since black is both inclusive and exclusive (meaning it can be both all color as well as the absence of color) it is really the best color there is. White is a close second, for essentially the same reasons.
  20. I recently added "become a pilot" to my list of "things I want to accomplish in this life". I think that flying would definitely be my superpower of choice were I offered one.
  21. There are very few things that I miss from high school: I miss sitting outside the library under the eaves listening to it rain; I miss driving my truck; I miss marching band. That's about it.
  22. I am a cold-weather person. I love the winter and everything it brings with it. I love the snow in Utah winters. I miss the rain from California winters. That being said... I really can't wait for the flowers that come out in the spring!
  23. I am a pyromaniac. Watching flames engulf the wood in a fire is both calming and exhilarating to me. I am, however, petrified at the thought of burning to death. It scares me more than any other mode of dying.
  24. I think WAY more than is probably healthy. If becoming an over-analyst was an actual profession, I would probably be making a lot more money right now... I have recently been over-analyzing the prospect of getting blond highlights in my hair. This is an extravagant concept for me and comes with both up sides and down sides, and I've been spending a lot of time weighing the odds. Thoughts?
  25. Most people get the chills or shivers every now and then, right? Where your body shivers a little from either cold exposure, because something is disturbing to you, or some other random reason that people can't ever identify. I do not get the chills or the shivers. I get the jolts, where my whole body racks, shaking everything in the near vicinity. My jolts become increasingly more frequent the more tired I get, much to the amusement people around me. (Though this may be caused as much by my jolts as by the fact that my "talk a ton about all kinds of random crap" inhibitor begins to malfunction when I get tired as well...)

Monday, February 9, 2009