Monday, July 6, 2009

Alpha Bits

- Available: Single life has actually been quite enjoyable recently...- Age: Old enough...
- Annoyance: Incompetence
- Animal: Wolves. I think they are amazingly fascinating animals - intelligent, social, beautiful...
- Actor/Actress: I would be an actress. I don't think I would qualify as an actor. :oD

- Beer: I have been known to drink beer of the root and birch varieties.- Best best friend: My mom and my sisters. I would list Crystal, Mindy, Gretchen, and Rachael as close seconds.
- Birthday: March 10
- Blind or Deaf: Well, my eyes get worse every day, but I already know sign language...
- Been on stage: A few times. I once was "wheat" in The Little Red Hen, and I once lost my shoe on stage while dancing for a Christmas something in like 2nd grade... Obviously my big roles are yet to come... or... something...
- Believe in yourself: Definitely!
- Believe in miracles: Miracles happen every day! We just don't recognize them for what they are...
- Believe in God: Most definitely!
- Believe in Satan: Just as real as God is.
- Best weather: A good rainy day that keeps everything cool and smelling fresh. Having the sun peak through later in the afternoon just adds to it. But NOTHING is better than a good summer thunder shower!
- Believe in Magic: Yup... good kinds and bad.
- Believe in Santa: I hope I always will!

- Candy: Almond Joy, Haribo Gummy Bears (the best), and almost anything sour...
- Car: I currently have a Toyota Corolla, but I want a Tacoma.
- Color: Mostly blue, but black is pretty high up there...
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Really depends on the day and what medium the flavor/scent is coming in...
- Chinese/Mexican Food: I'm pretty sure I could eat Mexican food everyday.
- Cake /Pie: Depends on the type... Cheesecake is my favorite, but generally I will choose pie.
- Continent to visit: Europe, but I would go just about anywhere.
- Cheese: I am officially in love with cheese. The end.

- Day or Night: Generally night, I'm not sure why but I've always been a night owl.
- Dancing: Loves it! Ballroom or just to play. My sisters and I used to crank the music in our family room and then just dance like crazy with zero inhibitions. It was so dang much fun!!
- Dance in the rain: For sure!! I've been many times.
- Do the splits: Uh, no. I used to be able to do back bends in my spry, limber, and much younger years... but never the splits. I do, however, like banana splits. :0)

- Eyes: Hazel, but depending on what I'm wearing they occasionally look more green or blue.
- Eggs: Boiled, scrambled, fried - but not runny, in toast, omelets... I like eggs.
- Everyone has a(n): natural inclination to laugh... and aren't you glad?!?!
- Ever failed a class: Not officially. I did come close a few times in my early college years..

- First thoughts waking up: "Seriously?!?!" And then I hit snooze... at least twice. Or reset my alarm for another time.
- Food: is a good thing.
- First crush: I think his name was Tommy... in like 1st grade.

- Greatest Fear: Spiders. On my face. While I'm sleeping. Yes, it happened. Twice.
- Get along with your parents: Of course!
- Good luck charm: I used to wear lucky socks for exams in college... Then they died. I don't take tests anymore.

- Hair Color: Red. None better!
- Height: 5'6"
- Happy: 99% of the time! It's a great feeling!
- Holiday: Thanksgiving is my favorite, followed closely by Christmas, Easter, Independence Day*, Pioneer Day*, New Year's Eve*, and St. Patrick's Day. (*I have pyromaniac tendencies...)
- How do you want to die: Happy

- Ice Cream: Chocolate Almond, Chocolate w/ Peanut Butter, Butter Pecan, Rainbow Sherbet...
- Instrument: Mostly the flute, but I also play piccolo, tenor sax, and a bit of piano.

- Jewelry: CTR ring and earrings every day... usually with a necklace and bracelet.
- Job: I am currently an event planner for a company call LifeVantage. It's a blast!

- Kids: I like them. Looking forward to someday having some of my own. Gotta wait for that Mr. Right to come along first...
- Kickboxing or karate: Pilates.
- Keep a journal: Journals come in so many shapes and sizes... I keep a nightly gratitude journal. I am not so good at some of the others I have.

- Love: is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it...It really is worth fighting for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk everything, you risk even more. - Erica Jong
- Laughed so hard you cried: many, many, many times. And it's wonderful each time.

- Milk flavor: Usually just Cream of Weber 1%. However, I do like Nesquik chocolate and strawberry.
- Movies: I like lots of movies. I am always a fan of Disney classics and Pixar. I like good musicals, many classics, and most romantic comedies. I am also a fan of good action movies, including westerns. Safe to say I like good movies.
- Motion sickness: Usually takes a while, but is possible in a car. I have no problem on boats or trains.
- McDonald's or Burger King: In-N-Out
- Marriage: is something I look foward to, but I'm enjoying life now... not just waiting around for it to fall in my lap.

- Number: 8
- Number of siblings: 2
- Number of piercings: 2 - one in each ear... tho I debated getting a second in each ear a few years ago...

- One wish: To live my life with no regrets. Not no mistakes, just no regrets. I hope everyone else can do the same too!

- Pepsi or Coke: Milk
- Perfect Pizza: Pier 49's Lombard Street - BBQ Chicken

- Quail: Their little song was my person "It's spring!" indicator in college.

- Reality T.V.: I don't really watch TV. I used to watch the Amazing Race and So You Think You Can Dance? with my roommates, but not so much anymore. I prefer reading.
- Radio Station: Usually just whatever CDs are in my car. I like My 99.5 and LOVED My Country 105.7 until they changed it to mariachi music one day on my way to work. I'm still bitter.
- Roll your tongue in a circle: Yup. Since I was a kid.
- Ring size: 8 or 8.5 depending on the ring

- Song: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz - Best. Song. Ever.
- Shoe size: 7.5 to 8.5 depending on the shoe
- Salad Dressing: Ranch or something with balsamic vinegar
- Sushi: YES! Loves the sushi. My favorite is the Don Juan from Tsunami or the Vegas from Happy Sumo. But I love rainbow rolls, spider rolls, tiger rolls... Yes, I love sushi!
- Shower: Yup. It's basically a must.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Blueberries are poisonous.
- Skipped School: A few times in high school, normally with Mom's permission. A *little* more in college... Ahem... *Little*
- Swear: Usually no. Some days are definitely better than others.
- Stuffed animals: Confession. I sleep with a stuffed Rhino. His name is Rhino. And, yes is it hereditary. My parents both sleep with pillows in their arms. Mine is just cooler.
- Scientists need to invent: more holidays. Oh wait...

- Tattoos: Not gonna lie, I think some tatts are pretty sweet. I've debated getting a henna tattoo once or twice, but could never do a permanent one for myself.
- Time for bed: When I'm tired. Usually around 11:30pm-12:30am. Time for "not bed" is an entirely differnt story.
- TV show: NBC's Chuck!! Just waiting for season 3!!

- Unpredictable: I would say not usually... but sometimes very much so.

- Vacation spot(s): Anywhere with the family... I do tend to like the cooler places better than the hotter places.
- Vegetable you hate: Canned peas
- Vegetable you love: I love most vegetables... especially when they're fresh. My favorite is probably spinach.

- Weakness: Something that smells really good... This could be food, lotion, some guy that just walked past...
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Crystal or Mindy (if sisters don't count)
- Worst feeling: Wind and rain on the face, not necessarily together
- Worst Weather: Anything over 75 degrees... unless there's a breeze. Maybe upper 80s with a breeze.
- Who makes you laugh the most: Probably Kimmy...
- Where do we go when we die: I'm gonna copy Lis and say "Click here for more deets."

- X-Rays: Few times. On my teeth. Ankles. Spine. My doctor once asked my if I'd recently been in a car accident after looking at pictures of my spine. I said no, I've never been in one and then asked why. I was suffering for pretty severe whiplash and had no idea. I guess I was playing too much ultimate frisbee...

- Year it is now: 2009
- Yellow: The color of some of my favorite flowers....

- Zoos: Love them. Great family pastime.