Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alive & Kickin'!

I keep meaning to get on here and post an amazing update about my life and all that is new... but there really isn't much new or amazing, so I am at a loss.

Lies! I just remembered I hadn't posted since my family went camping at the end of April - and that was definitely amazing. Kimmy finished up her second year at BYU, so Mom and Dad were out here helping her move. After Kimmy's finals, Mom, Kimmy, and I crammed into the van and met Dad, Spencer, Julie, and Caylee in Flagstaff where we spent 6 days and 5 nights camping. It was a blast! There is nothing better than being in the great outdoors enjoying nature, relaxing, and playing games with the family. Plus food always tastes better outside around a campfire - or bonfire... (we were trying to get rid of all the rest of the wood that last night... so we're all pyromaniacs - no shame!)

After camping, I rode back with the California crew (Mom, Dad, and Kimmy) to spend a few days back home since I probably won't be back there until Christmas. Julie and Spencer are amazing and gave me a desktop computer, so I spent some of my California time getting it ready to ship to Utah. It was a few more days of relaxing, sleeping in, and playing with Calypso, the kitten we got Mom for Christmas. It was an amazing week and a half and, including the time Mom and Dad were in Utah helping Kimmy, probably the longest amount of time I've spent with my family since before I graduated from BYU. The only downside is that it makes me miss them even more now!

Life has just been pretty humdrum ever since I got back - I work, I hang out with friends, and I don't really sleep a ton. It's a great combo and makes for a whole lot of fun. My friends and I regular places like the Belgian Waffle and McDonalds, then spend several hours each week playing various games like Hand-and-Foot, Ticket To Ride, and Taboo. Last week we went and saw the new Star Trek movie, which I loved.

Life is good! Just plain and simple - having some good times.