Monday, July 18, 2011

Runaway Weekend

One of my best buddies from college got married a few weeks ago and he had an Open House up in Oregon this last weekend. I decided it had been way too long since I'd had my own weekend getaway, so I serviced my car, loaded her up and took off first thing Saturday morning.

Here are some of my weekend's highlights:
  • Listening to Jennie Hansen's book "If I Should Die" on CD
  • Spending over 10 hours driving through coniferous forests
  • Not losing any more hubcaps (I lost one two days before I left...)
  • Counting the number of hitchhikers between Redding, CA and Eugene, OR (i.e. a lot!)
  • King-sized bed, all to my self
  • Not getting completely lost in downtown Eugene
  • Losing 1 pound while sitting idly in my car constantly munching for 18 hours (did not know this was humanly possible...)
  • Visiting Kohls, Target and Cabelas without buying anything (again... didn't know this was possible...)
  • Tots and Sippies
  • Listening to Betsy Brannon Green's book "Murder by the Book" on CD
  • Acknowledging that it really does rain constantly in Oregon...
  • Seeing Mount Shasta crowned with clouds and dressed in snow... twice
  • Watching two golden eagles romp and play in some trees on the side of the interstate
  • Being startled by a large goat/sheep/thing (easily 3.5-4 feet tall with 18-24 inch horns) riding in the back of a pick-up truck like a dog
And of course the best parts were:
  • Seeing my happily married friend and getting to meet his adorable new wife and some of his family
  • Returning home with a deeper appreciation of my own cozy bed and quiet evenings with my amazing parents